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» Video Conferencing Platforms – The Pros and Cons of the Major Players

Video Conferencing Platforms – The Pros and Cons of the Major Players

Posted by Nick Yeandle, published 9th September 2020

Spurred on by a trend from dynamic businesses to incorporate more remote working possibilities for their teams, video conferencing has been on the rise for some time. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the forced lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 that the use of video conferencing platforms skyrocketed. Zoom alone saw a 2,900% increase in active daily users over a period of just four months in early 2020*1.

This year has seen many businesses and their employees getting to grips with video conferencing platforms for the first time. With several major platforms and many smaller players in the marketplace, there are plenty to choose from. It’s not surprising therefore, that most businesses are using at least two to three different platforms to communicate with their teams, suppliers and customers. As remote systems start to bed in for the longer term, now is the time to review your video conferencing software to ensure that you have a package most suited to the needs of your business. We’ve developed this short guide to shed some light on the pros and cons of the major video conferencing platforms.




Microsoft Teams



Google Hangouts



In addition to the three major players we have mentioned above, a host of other video conferencing solutions are available from a range of reputable suppliers such as Go To Meeting, Cisco and many others. Each has it’s own features, pricing plans and interface which make one solution more preferable for your business than another.

Other Team Collaboration Software

Video conferencing is just one of the elements provided by a multitude of packages designed for team collaboration. For instance, Slack, Asana and Wrike are all packages which businesses use to manage projects and teams that include a video conferencing function. Keep in mind though, that these are not necessarily video conferencing specialists and the inbuilt functionality they provide may or may not be adequate depending on the nature of your business and the scale of your requirements.

Ultimately the choice of video conferencing platform most appropriate for your organisation will be determined by your applications and precise requirements. We recommend making a list of functionalities which you need the software to have and then comparing this to the packages available from the various providers to understand which gives best value for you.

At AV Xpert our wall-mounted and portable video conferencing solutions are compatible with all common video conferencing platforms, so integration between our hardware and your chosen conferencing software should be a seamless process. Our engineers work with the major video conferencing platforms every day, staying abreast of the latest additions and functionality. Hence if you are choosing a video conferencing platform to use for the first time, reviewing your options or seeking advice about which software to integrate with your AV equipment, we will be happy to talk you though the various options. Call us on 01480 587 556 or email


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