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Creative Lighting Product Highlight

Posted 29th Nov 2019, written by Jake Wright

For Week 4 we’re reflecting on something enlightening. A light-hearted look at one of the brightest ideas we’ve got in our product inventory - Creative Lighting!

Up lighting

Up first is Uplighters! These uplifting devices are used to highlight certain aspects of a room or building, whether the focus is on a certain architectural feature, beams of accent colours or individual pieces, such as cake stands, table tops, or the dance floor. Up lighting can be incredibly versatile and can be used to create anything from rich, deep hues to subtle, soft whites.

Being battery powered, waterproof and wirelessly controllable, these fixtures provide the perfect solution where access to power is limited (think woodland wedding) and what’s more, you have no unsightly cables or potential trip-hazards to worry about.

Not only is this incredibly convenient, it also greatly reduces setup times, as the lights are simply placed in position and switched on. They will then follow wireless commands from a controller or can be set to any static colour from the menu on the lights themselves, meaning you only need a controller if you want the option to change the lights during the event.

Whether you want a glowing beam of electric pink or a bath of subtle, warm whites, the principles of up-lighting remain the same. The lights are placed at ground level, equal distances apart and in a row. The best places to position them are along walls or features you want to highlight. The more lights you have, the more of an effect you can create.

For example, by highlighting rustic beams in an old barn you can add visible depth and highlight the age and aesthetic of the building. You could also position lights along interior stone columns, by doing this you can create a theme (think Roman, ancient Greece) as part of the event, creating further depth to your aesthetic.

If being used outside, they can create a magnificent look when placed along the front of a venue and can ensure key features of stately homes, barns or modern contemporary venues are highlighted for all to see. Alternatively place them under trees to create a magical woodland effect, bringing your outdoor space to life, while also providing background ambient lighting.

Festoon Lighting

Fashionable in 2019, festoon lighting is set to continue to trend going into 2020. Warm white LED festoon lighting provides the perfect lighting option for a rustic themed wedding. With stunning hanging lighting chains that not only look appealing, but also give off a subtle low-light glow, bright enough to light up the tables and outdoor spaces but not enough to overpower any other accent lighting.

We offer waterproof festoon lighting that will link together to create strings of between 5 and 30 metres in length. They can be hung from beams, marquee ceilings, outdoor structures or even trees. We recommend letting our expert lighting technicians set these up, as they need to be high enough to be safe but not too high as to diminish their effect.

Dancefloor Lighting and DJs

Planning on having a DJ or performer? Remember to coordinate the lighting they bring with the rest of the event. If bands and DJs are setting up in the same space, the lighting can look mis-matched, cluttered and upset the balance in the room. It's therefore very important to co-ordinate the lighting between bands and DJs, to ensure that you end up with a neat and balanced set-up. When designing lighting rigs, we always try to integrate the performer as much as possible into the overall event. We can synchronise the music into the lighting to maximise the DJ or performer's impact.

One of the best ways to light up a professional stage is with truss arches. These will completely replace the need for Bands or DJs to bring their own lighting. An elegant truss arch across the stage, equipped with stage lighting, music sync lights and special effects will naturally draw people's attention to the performance area and can kick any event up to the professional level.

We offer all of this and more through our bespoke lighting design and implementation service, this ensures the lighting completely matches your theme and colour scheme and can create the perfect atmosphere, no matter what the occasion.

Interested in hiring some creative lighting from us? Few quick questions? Need some technical advice? Anything at all, give us a call on 01480 587556 or email us at and one of our xpert AV techs will be on hand to answer any questions and talk you through our hiring process.