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» 5 Simple Tips to Help you Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

5 Simple Tips to Help you Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

Posted 7th Nov 2019

Christmas is certainly one of the most exciting times of the year! However, planning any kind of Christmas party, especially one for your work colleagues, can be stressful. This is why we have taken the time to put together 5 top, yet simple, tips to help you plan the perfect Christmas party.

1) Book Well in Advance

Simple laws of supply and demand. Almost all companies will be throwing a Christmas party in the coming months, and you may find yourself in a bind with your co-workers if you neglect to hire a venue, sound, lighting, or a DJ before December. Additionally, you may find yourself even more out of pocket as prices begin to sky rocket closer to Christmas.

2) Be Aware of the Equipment and Services You’re Looking For

It is important to consider the best equipment for not only the venue, but the mood of your event. While most professional DJs have their own equipment, a high-quality PA system is required to achieve a clean and crisp sound, whatever the intended atmosphere of your Christmas party. For example, our JBL EON ONE sound system is ideal for providing nice discreet background music with minimal visual impact, whereas alternatively our JBL PRX 710 system is better suited for distinct foreground music and for all your floor fillers.

To add to the ease of creating a seamless event, all of our sound systems allow for you to connect to a device via cable or Bluetooth to play out a playlist, which can be carefully curated by you and all of your co-workers in advance of the day. You can additionally connect a wired or wireless microphone for all those important announcements and speeches.

It is also important to ensure that you have an option for technical support as a simple glitch can ruin the flow of your Christmas party, and leave everyone disappointed. An excellent and effective service should always offer this.

3) Don’t Forget to Create a Visual Atmosphere

Your venue can be transformed into a Winter Wonderland, Masquerade Ball, or even an Ugly Christmas Jumper Party, with just a simple colour scheme and some creative lighting. Our fully weather-proof (so can be used indoor and outdoor) ADJ HEXIP Up-lighting can provide vivid colour washing, which can be set to the perfect colours to match your theme, or can alternatively crossfade between colours or chase to the beat of the music - Perfect to complement your christmas party decor with added vibrant colours.

4) Beware of the Premium Rates

Many companies charge a premium rate around Christmas, which is expected because of the law of supply and demand. However, it is important to compare rates around holiday periods and to book early enough in advance to avoid this.

5) Budget, Budget, Budget

Make sure that you budget wisely, leaving money available for all important elements of enjoyment at your Christmas party, such as food and drink - make sure you have a clear indication of how you can book sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment, without bursting your overall budget.

It’s often cheaper to source all your equipment hire with the same company as you will avoid additional delivery and technician fees. This also allows you to call on the knowledge of one specialist company that knows audio-visual technology inside-out, hiring only the relevant equipment you really need, and receiving technical support all in one beautiful Christmas party package.

Our AV xperts are like you – excited about Christmas and the upcoming party season. This is why we are here to help you organise a perfect Christmas party for you and your colleagues by providing a selection of lighting and sound systems from major brands. To find out what we can do for you, please give us a call on 01480 587556 or click here to contact us now.