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» JBL EON ONE PRO Product Highlight

JBL EON ONE PRO Product Highlight

Posted 6th Nov 2019, written by Jake Wright

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll be handpicking some of our favourite products in our inventory and giving them their very own blog page, ensuring they receive all the love and attention they deserve!

Kicking off week one is the EON ONE PRO PA speaker from JBL. This great little setup is one of our most popular, and most versatile PA setups, packing an 8-inch bass module along with a collapsible array of six 2-inch drivers. This bass module gives the Eon One Pro an unbelievable punch for its small size and is guaranteed to impress.

The party piece of the EON ONE Pro is its rechargeable lithium ion battery. This can power the speaker for up to 6 hours of continued use, making it the perfect option for a wireless setup or an outdoor location. This is ideal if cables aren’t an option.

All this comes in at just under 17 kg, making the Eon One Pro capable of being carried one handed and easily transported. The linear array - the tall bit - also completely collapses into the base of the speaker, taking the total height down from 180cm to just 60cm!

Another reason for this system’s immense popularity is the wide range of applications it can be used in. Our inventory Eon One Pro speakers have seen house and garden parties, performances in intimate venues such as pubs or hotels, indoor and outdoor speeches and many more.

Being such an elegant PA system, you can also take this to any professional event or showcase and you can be assured your voice will be heard. Talk to us about hiring this with a projector setup and a microphone, and you’ll have the ability to setup a high quality and impactful corporate presentation within minutes.

A 7-channel mixer is integrated into the base, which is loaded with Bluetooth Audio, four combi 1/4”/XLR ports for microphone connectivity, 48V of switchable phantom power, a 3.5 mm audio jack, an RCA stereo port, 2 Hi-Z inputs for guitar or keyboard, and a pass-thru XLR connector. Bluetooth devices can be placed on the included stand and simultaneously charged from the two powered USB ports, ensuring your gig can go well into the night.

In conclusion, this is one of our favourite and most popular pieces of kit in our inventory. Coming in at only £60 + VAT for a 3-day hire, it is also one of the best value systems around.

Interested in hiring one? Few quick questions? Need some technical advice? Anything at all, give us a call on 01480 587556 or email us at, and one of our xpert AV techs will be on hand to answer any questions and talk you through our hiring process.