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» Mackie SRM Sound System and Subwoofers - Product Highlight Series

Mackie SRM Sound System and Subwoofers - Product Highlight Series

Posted 9th Jan 2020, written by Jake Wright

Welcome to the final week of our product highlight series, Week 8! This week we’ve selected one of our most popular sound systems, the highly regarded Mackie SRM450 V3 speakers and accompanying Mackie SRM1550 subwoofers.

Not only do the Mackie speakers offer brilliant value for money, they’re easy to operate and feature a sleek design. With our Mackie sound system package you get two speakers, speaker stands and a mixer with all necessary cables to connect everything and anything that you need to play music from. Connections include 3.5mm AUX jack, Phono, XLR among others. There’s even a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Each speaker packs up to 1000 Watts of peak power, includes sound-enhancing DSP (digital signal processing) and has user-friendly audio tools included as standard. All this makes it the perfect system for producing high levels of volume, while maintaining total audio clarity throughout any event.

As a pair, we recommend these speakers are used for anywhere up to 50 people for foreground music or 100 people for background music, however, if you’re intending on having more guests, or you want to get a heavy bass kick, we recommend adding either 1 or 2 Mackie subs to the mix. This will transform the sound system, adding another 1200 watts of power (per subwoofer!) - exactly what you need for a larger venue with higher numbers of guests.

This system is also the perfect choice for use as a monitor speaker by bands and singer/songwriters because of the built-in feedback destroyers. With the push of a button you can optimise the sub to ‘destroy’ any looping feedback and create perfect harmony between the speakers and any nearby microphones. Integrated into the subs are 4 separate speaker modes, with these you can quickly tailor the speaker response to the exact application and environment you’re in with unbelievable ease and simplicity. Also included is an integrated 2-channel mixer, this allows you to easily mix multiple sources from Jack, XLR or RCA connections without the need for an external mixer.

We love these things! and looking at the number of times they are rented out, so does everyone else!

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