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» Peavey PV6 BT Bluetooth Mixer Product Highlight

Peavey PV6 BT Bluetooth Mixer Product Highlight

Posted 21st Nov 2019, written by Jake Wright

Mixing its way into week 3 of our product highlight series is the Peavy PV 6 BT compact mixer! It’s fair to say we’re quite fond of this neat little unit. It packs everything you would ever need from a very small form factor mixer, which is why we include it with all of our sound system hire packages.

Mixers are an important part of any sound system. On the surface, they allow you to combine inputs from microphones, instruments and media players and adjust levels on the fly, to produce anything from a heavy metal concert to the morning news.

In addition, many mixers do far more than just mix input signals. The PV6 BT mixer alone is equipped with:

Mixing music and mic inputs has never been easier for both professional and unexperienced users. All this makes the PV 6 BT incredibly versatile, and the perfect option for small gigs where you only need a maximum of two mic/instrument inputs and two other audio inputs (e.g. Bluetooth and Aux in). However, if you’re looking for something larger with more inputs and features, we have a wide range of other mixing desks available.

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