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» QSC K8.2 Sound System - Product Highlight Series

QSC K8.2 Sound System - Product Highlight Series

Posted 19th Dec 2019, written by Jake Wright

Our QSC K8.2 sound system is an AV xpert favourite and is our speaker of choice for larger corporate speeches, any outdoor event and even intimate indoor performances.

The K8.2 speaker comes packed with useful features and some great specifications. We particularly love its 2000w power module, multi-function on board display and best in class audio quality.

Weighing just 12KG and including top and side handles, you’ll be able to effortlessly carry this around without injuring yourself or anyone around, making them perfect for any mobile entertainers such as bands, singers or DJ’s.

Thanks to its small size and versatile mounting options, it can be attached almost anywhere. We supply these speakers with elegant base plate speaker stands, perfect for a corporate environment, but we can also mount them to truss structures with the integrated M10 flying points, which we also supply.

Thanks to some clever designing by QSC, you can also use this speaker as a floor monitor by turning it onto its side and using the wedge-shaped design on the rear of the speaker.

Not only can you use it in nearly every location under the sun, it also is one of the best sounding speakers we’ve heard. The sound quality is truly amazing, and we will always recommend using this for performances of any kind.

QSC also managed to pack in some of the best sound coverage we’ve seen in a speaker this size, something that is perfectly matched for use in an outdoor environment. Another point towards its outdoor use is the optional outdoor covers. We’ve even used these at outdoor events such as the Cambridge Dragon Boat Festival and the St. Ives Rowing Club Regatta, and they performed flawlessly.

If you’re giving a speech or using these for acoustic only performances these will be perfect on their own. However, due to its relatively small 8-inch woofer module, we’d recommend using a pair of subwoofers alongside the K8.2 speaker if you’re playing any music through the sound system.

At the rear of the speaker you get a multi function display, 2 x locking XLR/F ¼" combo Mic/Line Input and Hi-Z/Line Input, 1 x 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Input , 2 x XLR/M Loop-thru Output, 1 x XLR/M Mix Output and 1 x locking IEC power connector.

We hire these out on their own or as a sound system package, which includes a pair of K8.2 speakers, a Peavy mixer with Bluetooth and aux connection and all necessary cables and stands. Talk to us about adding a wireless or wired microphoned to the system.

Interested in hiring from us? Few quick questions? Need some technical advice? Anything at all, give us a call on 01480 587556 or email us at and one of our xpert AV techs will be on hand to answer any questions and talk you through our hiring process.