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» Stage and Trussing Systems - Product Highlight Series

Stage and Trussing Systems - Product Highlight Series

Posted 2nd Jan 2020, written by Jake Wright

Did you know, here at AVxpert we not only supply AV equipment but also provide custom staging and trussing as well!

Our staging of choice is Prolyte StageDex, which is among the strongest and most versatile stage systems on the market.

Stages are constructed from individual pieces of staging of various sizes that are connected together with special clamps to create a much larger overall stage area. These decks are incredibly versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and widths. The height of the stage can be adjusted by using a variety of available leg lengths which attach quickly and easily to the stage decks using the integrated leg clamps.

With this stage system you can quickly assemble large, strong structures, creating tailor-made stage platforms, entertainment stages or dance platforms for your event. We use stages for conferences, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, banquets, product launches, fashion shows and concerts.

By mounting legs with castor wheels, you can also easily convert your decks into rolling risers. The StageDex decks are a high quality, lightweight deck, with a black painted birch plywood surface, offering a massive maximum loading capacity of 750kg/m2.

To complement any staging, we also stock a wide variety of stands and truss systems which are perfect for events and conferences. In our inventory we have lecterns, deck stands, lighting stands, speaker stands, mic stands and more. We also stock many types of truss pieces that can be used to create unique truss structures to help frame your stage.

Truss is often used to hang lighting and sound above a stage or dancefloor. This is a very safe and elegant way of elevating creative lighting and sound systems. We even have truss sock which is a stretched white fabric that can be used to cover the truss and change its appearance. Another very popular use of trussing in a corporate setting is holding up drapery or branded panelling, creating a perfect stage set and backdrop for conferences and events. In addition to branded backdrops, we can also mount standalone or motorised projector screens or LED video walls to truss systems at the back of a stage.

Additionally, we can use truss to build creative structures such as entranceways, archways, start/finish lines and cubes which are popular at motorsports and other sporting events.

Interested in hiring from us? Few quick questions? Need some technical advice? Anything at all, give us a call on 01480 587556 or email us at and one of our xpert AV techs will be on hand to answer any questions and talk you through our hiring process.