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Our Guide to Sound Systems for Fitness Classes and Events – At Gyms or Outdoor

ZZumba class working out to music

Many of us will be feeling a little guilty after an indulgent Christmas and New Year so it’s no surprise that we will look to shed the pounds after the festive season. As a result, going to the gym and working out to our favourite tunes becomes one of our top priorities. With the number of gym memberships soaring, fitness classes and their instructors need to be innovative in order to ensure that members are motivated and continue to return. Below are just a few examples of how AV Xpert can help you deliver fun and engaging sessions.

High-Quality Sound Systems for Gyms and Fitness Studios

Fitness Class - Spinning

Having a studio to take a fitness class is one thing, but having the sound equipment to conduct the class is another. In some gyms or studios, a sound system may not already be inbuilt. AV Xpert therefore provides two solutions – for state of the art sound equipment to be purchased for the room and installed by our team of expert installers; or if the solution only needs to be temporary, then sound equipment hire may be a better option.

Hire of sound systems is ideal should fitness classes take place at fixed intervals, outside or where locations are subject to change. Either way, we will be able to ensure the sound requirements for your fitness class are more than adequate.

Lead Your Fitness Class with a Sports Microphone System

Fitness Class Leader with Microphone Headset

Regardless of the type of fitness class or event you’re leading, the instructor needs to provide clear and concise direction to ensure that all participants follow the same routine. The last thing you need is a dodgy mic and speaker system. The AKG WMS45 Perception Wireless Sports Microphone System is an ideal piece of equipment for this task. With a battery life that lasts for up to 30 hours, the head-worn microphone and body-pack transmitter are wireless, so you will not get entangled during any demonstrations. The product is also incredibly light with the body-pack transmitter being the smallest and lightest in its class! Perhaps most importantly, the head-worn microphone features an external shock mount for high-mechanical noise rejection ensuring that your voice remains crisp and clear at all times.

Move Those Hips and Thighs to the Beat With a Portable Sound System

ZZumba class working out to music

Nowadays most fitness activities require music for the class to move to; Zumba would be an entirely different activity without music to practice your snaky hips! For classes being held indoors with up to 30 or so participants, we would recommend the JBL EON ONE Compact Line Array Sound System The system is Bluetooth enabled so that you can stream music wirelessly from your device with ease and also features extra-wide coverage so that everyone hears the same thing at the same volume regardless of where they are in the room. Besides the ultra-clear reputable JBL sound, the JBL EON ONE sports an unobstructed bass-reflex subwoofer which delivers well-defined low frequency response so the beat can be felt and never missed! You will not need to worry about the set-up either as the sound system is light weight and easily portable with a neat transporter case with a sturdy wheeled base.

If portability is your main criteria, the battery-powered JBL EON ONE PRO will be just up your street – housing all the perks of the JBL EON ONE but with an incredible battery life of up to six hours! This is therefore perfect for outdoor events where there is no access to mains power.

Perfect Sound Systems for Outdoor Fitness Classes and Events

Box Park Fitness Class

As summer approaches, why not break out of the confines of your studio and take your fitness classes outdoors? AV Xpert has a wealth of experience providing sound equipment for large, open-air fitness events such as the Cambridge Skipathon held on Parker’s Piece, as well as Fight Klub’s Healthy Raves at Boxpark Croydon. For these events we have offered a fully managed solution with on-site sound engineers to monitor and control the system, but for smaller events there’s no reason not to manage the system yourself – with our JBL sound system packages you can just plug in and get going without any fuss.

Our range of JBL PRX sound systems and subwoofers are ideal for people-packed, open-air occasions. Like with the JBL EON range, the JBL PRX products are portable and are also easily manoeuvrable. Sound systems and subwoofers can be easily stacked depending on the sound output you require. Pairing multiple sets of JBL PRX series Sound Systems with the matching subwoofers means you can cater for 500+ participants at your fitness class.

A PRX sound system on its own would still be suitable for the ears of 150 people! Coming equipped with 2 speakers that have an incredible power output of 1500W each, these sound systems include line level and direct microphone input capability as well as 15″ Differential Drive® low-frequency drivers for low-distortion and higher volume. Combining all of these factors means that you can create a dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere yet practical space for people to keep fit!

Book Now for your classes in 2018

When it comes to rentals, you can either collect equipment from us for you to set up and use yourself, or for larger events and classes why not take advantage of our delivery and setup service which is currently free of charge on orders over £150 in the Cambridge / Huntingdon area.

So, whether you are looking for sound equipment hire for a one-off fitness event, or to purchase portable, high-quality sound systems for your gym or for when you’re on the move, please contact AV Xpert on 01223 755 944 or email

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