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Sonos Audio Equipment for Hire Category AV Xpert Limited Cambridgeshire

  • Control the music wirelessly at your event from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Play music simultaneously in multiple areas with no wires running between zones
  • Our range of available Sonos sound systems will suit audiences sizes of between 5 and 1500 people.
  • We can set up and install equipment at your venue and offer sound engineering services if required.
  • Delivery and subsequent collection available, or collect and return equipment from our depot in Huntingdon
  • Nationwide courier service available on equipment in this category

More About Sonos…

Sonos Equipment offers wireless control of music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop over WiFi. Anyone who is connected to the network (with the Sonos App installed) will gain full control over the music.

Because multiple users can connect to the system simultaneously, you can build the playlist at your event in real time, together with your friends. But equally, if you don’t want others to have access, we can install a temporary password-protected WIFi network for the system to operate on.

Choose songs or build up a playlist either directly from files stored on your device, or from a music streaming service such as Spotify or Apple Music. Because the music is uploaded to the Sonos device in advance of being played, the quality is superb, and you don’t need to worry about your phone/ tablet etc. going out of range (as you would with Bluetooth).


The Sonos PLAY systems have their own built-in speakers, providing unrivalled sound quality, whilst the Sonos CONNECT acts purely as a music player that will link to an existing sound system.

The PLAY Speakers come in various sizes, with the PLAY:5 being the largest. A single PLAY:5 would be suitable for background music at a wedding reception, or for playing music at a house party with around 30 guests. Because of its sleek design, it is also great for playing wedding ceremony music.

You can link speakers to form a pair, which not only enhances audio fidelity, but also improves the output. A linked pair of PLAY:5s would be suitable for music at house parties with over 50 people, or for background music at functions with up to 100 people.

Because the Sonos CONNECT is designed to link to any existing sound system, it is therefore the perfect companion for any of our available Sound Systems. It is perfect for private parties, corporate events or wedding receptions, with absolutely no limit on numbers of guests.

Multi-Zone and Linking Functionality

The Sonos system can support up to 32 players on the same network! They can all be set to play something different, or they can be grouped into multiples, all playing the same thing. This makes Sonos incredibly versatile!

Coupled with the aux inputs on the players and Connect units, Sonos systems also provide a high quality means of wirelessly transmitting and receiving audio signals.

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Showing all 5 results