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More About Dry Ice…

Dry Ice Machines create a thick fog that stays close to the ground and will never rise. This gives the illusion that you are floating in the clouds! We have dry ice fog machines suitable for small and medium sized events.

Dry Ice can be used on stage, creating a magical effect for bands or theatrical productions, or equally can be used on the dance floor at a party. It’s especially great for first dances at weddings.

How it Works

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It has a surface temperature of -78.5 degrees C (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit). Dry ice also has the very nice feature of sublimation – this is to say – as it breaks down, it turns directly into a gas (CO2 gas) rather than into a liquid.

A dry ice machine is essentially just a hot water bath within an enclosed barrel, with a vent and exhaust fan at the front. There is an internal basket which holds the dry ice in pellet or slab form, and a handle on the side of the machine allows you to lower the basket into the hot water within the machine.

When the frozen dry ice meets the hot water, it sublimates and produces a carbon dioxide gas which is infused with water vapour to form a heavy low-lying fog which is expelled from the front of the machine.


The very cold temperature of the dry ice makes it very dangerous if not handled properly. It must only be handled by people with prior training/ experience, and gloves must be worn at all times when working with dry ice. Additionally, the fog that is created consists mainly of Carbon Dioxide, which being heavier than air, displaces the oxygen at floor level. Therefore, use this effect only in a well ventilated area and never lie down in/ breathe in large amounts of the fog that is created.

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