Smoke and Haze Machine Hire

  • Hire Smoke and Haze machines for your event
  • We have machines suitable for events with between 5 – 5000 people.
  • Delivery and subsequent collection available, or collect and return equipment from our depot in Huntingdon
  • We can set up and install equipment at your venue and offer technician services if required
  • Nationwide courier service available on certain equipment in this category

Smoke Vs. Haze

Smoke machines and haze machines are essentially used for the same purpose – both will dramatically enhance the look of the lighting at an event. This is done by refracting the light from a lighting fixture, allowing you to see the beams of light as they travel through the air.

The difference between the two types of machine lies with the delivery method of the effect, and therefore the subtlety of the effect. A smoke machine initially provides a thick burst of smoke that will then spread out through the room – this is initially very noticeable and creates quite a spectacle in itself (particularly with larger machines!), whereas a haze machine has a built-in fan that permanently dissipates a gradual stream of haze throughout the room – this is much quieter and far more subtle.

Dry Ice Machines

Dry Ice Machines create a thick fog that stays close to the ground and will never rise. This gives the illusion that you are floating in the clouds! We have dry ice fog machines suitable for small and medium sized events.

Dry Ice can be used on stage, creating a magical effect for bands or theatrical productions, or equally can be used on the dance floor at a party. It’s especially great for first dances at weddings. More about Dry Ice Machines.

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