Creative Lighting Hire (Interior & Exterior)

Transform the look of any venue and create the perfect atmosphere at your event with fantastic, easy-to-use mood lighting fixtures! Our most advanced fixtures offer wireless control, battery operation and are weather-proof for outdoor usage.

  • Hire Creative Lighting and Mood Lighting for your event
  • We have mood lighting rated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Set lights to the colours of your choice, or set to chase/ fade through a variety colours
  • Delivery and subsequent collection available, or collect and return equipment from our depot in Huntingdon
  • We can set up and install equipment at your venue and offer technician services if required
  • Nationwide courier service available on some items of equipment in this category

Wireless. Battery Powered. Waterproof. Up-Lighting.

Our most advanced mood lighting fixtures offer full wireless control, battery operation (with more than 16 hour battery life!) and are IP rated making them suitable for outdoor use.

A wireless controller will let you remotely set the lights to output any static colours of your choice, or to chase or fade through colours. Set the lights to change colour to a specific tempo, or to the beat of music. Controllers also provide 0-100% dimming functionality and optional strobing effect.

This great versatility in up-lighting means that you could for example leave the lights to output a fixed colour if you are having a meal, and then set them to colour change to the beat of music once the music/ dancing gets underway at your event.

The Ultimate Convenience in Creative Lighting

With no wires to install, these fixtures provide the perfect solution where access to power is limited, and what’s more, there are no unsightly cables or potential trip-hazards to worry about.

Set-up times are reduced to just a few minutes! Just place the lights down in their desired position and switch them on!

They will then follow wireless commands from a wireless controller or can be set to any colour you like from the functions menu on the back of the units without the need for a controller.

Up-lighting vs. Wash Lighting

We supply both up-lighting and wash lighting fixtures which are each used to create stunning atmospheric effects – but these two distinctly different styles of lighting will each create a very different outcome.

Up-lighting is used to create focus. This is done by using fixtures that produce a narrow beam of light, that are placed near to the base of the subject (e.g. a wall or other architectural feature). These fixtures shine coloured light upwards, to create an attractive column of light that draws focus towards the subject. For example, these types of light could be placed behind the top table at a wedding, or along the front of a stately home or building.

Wash Lighting for Hire AV Xpert Limited CambridgeshireWash lighting however, is used to create an overall colour-wash effect across the entire subject without creating bright hotspot areas or dark patches. These lights have a wider beam angle and are placed further away from the subject to throw the light evenly across the entire subject. This creates a more subtle effect and can be used to create a desired ambience within a venue. Alternatively, use to create an accent wall, without specifically highlighting any particular features.

If you are unsure of the type of mood lighting that would best suit your needs, please get in touch. We will be happy to help, and can arrange a demonstration for you with no obligation to hire.

Festoon Lighting

Fashionable in 2017, festoon lighting is set to continue to be popular this year. Warm white LED festoon lighting provides the perfect lighting option for a rustic themed wedding, with stunning hanging lighting chains that not only look appealing but also give off a subtle low-light glow that will be bright enough to light up the tables and outdoor spaces at your evening reception.

AV Xpert offers waterproof festoon lighting that will link together to create strings of between 5 and 30 metres in length. These can be installed by our expert event technicians in or outside your venue. They can be hung from beams, marquee ceilings, outdoor structures or even trees.

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