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The Ultimate House Party Sound System Ideas

Planning a house party? What more do you need other than a great group of friends and a vague excuse to get everyone together? Here are our tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t overlook the key part of any great party – the music and sound!

Supreme Sound Satisfaction

Don’t just rely on your existing home speaker system to be up to the job – What may sound like a loud and rich-toned speaker when you’re sitting back in your sofa on a night in will never be the same once you’ve got a larger group of friends together. Bear in mind that people will absorb and block the sound waves from your speakers, leaving the sound from a small speaker tinny and muffled, even in a small space.

To compensate you will need a powerful speaker system with plenty of bass reproduction. Even if you just want background music at your party you will still need something substantial to make sure everyone can hear the music clearly. Remember also, you can always turn a more powerful speaker down, but you can’t turn an underpowered one up!

Positioning is Everything

It’s not just about the size of the speakers, but also the positioning is paramount if you want your music to be heard clearly throughout your house without deafening the people who are nearest the speakers. When it comes to placing speakers make sure that they are at a high level, just above head height. That way there will be a direct path between the sound source and people’s ears. This will give the best chance of everyone hearing the music clearly and at a nice volume throughout.

Choose your Speakers Carefully!

You may not know it, but speakers are technical and different types offer very different characteristics. Without going into details, there are two main types – point source and line array. A traditional point source speaker will certainly be up to the job for most applications, but a line array system has the added benefit of being directional, allowing sound waves to travel further from the speaker without a drop in volume or clarity. This type of equipment is therefore regularly used in large venues and at open-air concerts.

Well now that I’ve told you that, you may be wondering why you would benefit from this at a house party?! But in fact it applies all the more on a small scale too. Particularly if you don’t need the volume to be too loud, a compact line-array speaker will provide the most cost effective way of getting clear and consistent music to be heard by all of your friends without having to put in multiple speakers in every room.

Meet the JBL EON ONE Compact Line-Array Speaker

JBL EON ONE – The all-in-one compact Linear Array P.A. System brings legendary JBL Professional audio to your event. With its sleek design, high output and even coverage, this compact line array system is perfect for house parties. It features Bluetooth audio streaming, Laptop/Phone/MP3 Player Input, Microphone and Instrument Inputs and with 380W Peak Power, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to turn it up a notch once things really get going!

EVEN MORE Volume Required?

With more than 30 guests, or if you simply want it loud, our JBL EON612 Sound System offers 2000 Watts peak power so you’ll definitely be covered! This system has a Bluetooth connection or you can plug in a laptop or even a set of DJ decks.

Expand Your Party: Multi-Room Audio

Modern multi-room audio systems will allow you to play the same music throughout your house party, so you can have the same great tunes that are being dropped by your best DJ mate in the living room also being played in the kitchen and even on the patio. We offer a variety of wireless audio links that will be perfect for the job.

Even if you aren’t having a DJ, you could still benefit from a wireless audio system. Sonos Audio Equipment can provide a great way of having fun with your friends and building a playlist from your smartphone. Sonos Speakers are neat and compact with plenty of volume for moderate background music. You can link multiple rooms together, and can even use the Sonos Connect to give this smart functionality to an existing system, such as the great JBL Sound Systems mentioned above.

So before you hold your next house party, make sure you contact AV Xpert on 01223 755 944 or email We would love to discuss the various ways in which we can help you put on the ultimate party with splendid sound!

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