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Wedding Reception Transformations: Creative Lighting

Welcome to the first blog in this short Wedding Reception Transformations series. Over the series I will be looking at the ways in which you can use audiovisual equipment to make a big impact at your wedding reception. Whether you are trying to create a simple Rustic Theme or a Contemporary Wonderland, it will always be worthwhile incorporating audiovisual equipment.

This first article looks specifically at Creative Lighting and how it can be used to generate your desired ambiance. With wedding trends in 2018 set to provide focus on the after party, its all the more important to think about the ways in which using creative lighting can not only enhance the ceremony, but also the evening reception and late night dancing.

Wireless, Battery Powered, Waterproof Up-Lighting

Let’s get started with a very versatile option that will certainly turn heads – the latest wireless up-lighting technology.

Up-lighting is used to create focus – this is done by producing narrow beams of coloured light which can be used to highlight certain architectural features or accentuate a particular part of the venue such as the top table, the cake stand or the dance floor area.

As well as rich deep hues, other more subtle whites or softer colours are available and for this reason, up-lighting will always match perfectly with your wedding’s theme.

Ultimate Convenience

Being battery powered, waterproof and wirelessly controllable, these fixtures provide the perfect solution where access to power is limited (think woodland wedding), but what’s more, with no wires to install there are no unsightly cables or potential trip-hazards to worry about.

Set-up times are reduced, as the lights are simply placed in their desired position and switched on! They will then follow wireless commands from a controller or can be set to any static colour from the menu on the lights themselves, meaning you only need such controller if you want the option to change the lights during the day/ evening.

How to Use Up-lighting

Whether you want a glowing pink or a subtle warm white, the principles of up-lighting are still the same. The lights are placed at ground level, usually at equal distances apart along walls or other architectural features.

The more lights that you have, the more opportunity you have to set the ambiance inside and outside your venue.

By highlighting rustic beams in a barn you can bring out the best in your venue, or by positioning lights along columns or even along a plain wall behind the top table or cake stand, you will draw people’s attention to this particular area.

If being used outside, they can create a magnificent look if placed along the front of a venue such as an old stately home, barn or modern contemporary venue. Alternatively place them under trees to create a magical woodland effect, bringing your outdoor space to life and also providing background ambient lighting.

Festoon Lighting

Fashionable in 2017, festoon lighting is set to continue to be popular this year. Warm white LED festoon lighting provides the perfect lighting option for a rustic themed wedding, with stunning hanging lighting chains that not only look appealing but also give off a subtle low-light glow that will be bright enough to light up the tables and outdoor spaces at your evening reception.

AV Xpert offers waterproof festoon lighting that will link together to create strings of between 5 and 30 metres in length. These can be installed by our expert event technicians in or outside your venue. They can be hung from beams, marquee ceilings, outdoor structures or even trees.

Wash Lighting

Unlike Up-lighting, wash lighting is used to create an overall colour-wash effect across an entire subject without creating bright hotspots or dark patches. These lights have a much wider beam angle and are placed further away from the subject to throw the light evenly across the entire subject. This creates a more subtle effect and can be used to create a desired ambience within a venue. Alternatively, use to create an accent wall, without specifically highlighting any particular features. Perfect to light up the entire front of a building, or to brighten up large trees.

Effects Lighting

If you are planning on having a band and/or DJ performing at your wedding, don’t just rely upon the lighting that your chosen performers already have to offer. If bands and DJs are setting up in the same space, the lighting can look mis-matched and cluttered. It’s therefore very important to co-ordinate the lighting between bands and DJs to ensure that you end up with a neat looking set-up that provides a stunning synchronised light show.

AV Xpert can offer truss arches that will replace the need for Bands or DJs to bring their own lighting. An elegant truss arch across the stage will draw people’s attention to the stage, and can be offered with a variety of synchronised effects lighting fixtures that will run shows to the beat of music. We can also incorporate stage lighting for the band/ DJ and we offer a completely bespoke lighting design and implementation service that will ensure that the lighting completely matches your theme and colour scheme.

If you are yet to organise your DJ/ Band Entertainment, AV Xpert can provide a professional club standard DJ service that is tailored to the musical tastes of you and your guests. We also have a partnership with a fantastic Local Cambridge/ London based covers band The Alice Band. For more info about the Alice Band visit their Facebook Page or visit

So as well as equipment rentals, please don’t hesitate to ask us about our full entertainment package for your wedding. All of the lighting products discussed are available for hire in our Equipment Hire Shop, where you can also find more specific product information. For friendly advice or to book any of our services for your wedding reception, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at AV Xpert – call 01223 755944 or contact us here.

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