AV Xpert Equipment Hire Policy

The following policies are taken from the Terms and Conditions of Hire, and form a part of these terms and conditions.

Hire Policy

The Customer agrees that the following conditions must be met in order to qualify to hire equipment from AV Xpert:

- Hirer must be over the age of 18 on the first day of the hire period.

- Hirer must have a permanent UK address and must provide proof of address in the form of a recent utility bill or statement dated within the last 6 months.

- Hirer must provide proof of identity in the form of a valid passport or photo-card driving license.

- Payment for hire must be made by traceable electronic means, limited to: Card Payment or BACS transfer.

- Payment for the order must be made from an account that is in the hirer's name.

AV Xpert reserves the right to refuse hire of equipment without the need to give grounds for refusal. Under such circumstances, any amounts paid in advance by the Client for the booking in question will be fully refunded.

AV Xpert reserves the right to take a photocopy or photograph of Client verification documentation (proof of ID and Address) and will have the right to keep copies on file under strict confidentiality for the entire duration of the hire period and beyond this period, as it is considered that the relationship between AV Xpert and the Customer is open-ended. The Client reserves the right to ask for such documentation to be deleted and any paper copies destroyed, once the hire period has finished and all equipment has been returned to AV Xpert, with no outstanding monies owed by the Client.