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A Guide to Live Streaming Church Services

Published by Nick Yeandle on 30th September 2020
Category: AV Tips

There are many reasons why Churches would want to live stream services. With current restrictions in place on the total number of people permitted in the congregation, live streaming can offer a way for your Church to expand its reach and allow more people to participate. But remember, if the audio and video quality isn’t there, it is all too easy to lose your audience. We have therefore put this guide to live streaming together in order to highlight the most important requirements and... Read More

Video Conferencing Platforms – The Pros and Cons of the Major Players

Published by Nick Yeandle on 9th September 2020
Category: Technology

Spurred on by a trend from dynamic businesses to incorporate more remote working possibilities for their teams, video conferencing has been on the rise for some time. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the forced lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 that the use of video conferencing platforms skyrocketed. Zoom alone saw a 2,900% increase in active daily users over a period of just four months in early 2020*1. This year has seen many businesses and their employees getting to grips... Read More

Why Video Conferencing Solutions are Here to Stay

Published by Nick Yeandle on 22nd July 2020
Category: Industry News

A Trend Towards Remote Working During the ten years from 2008 to 2018, the number of people working from home for their main job increased by a staggering 74%1. Despite this, in a pre-Covid-19 world (which seems a distant memory) it was reported that only around 30%2 had ever worked from home. Since the recent pandemic, the accelerated change in working patterns within the last four months has been unprecedented. An Unprecedented Increase in Video Conferencing Then along came Covid-19.... Read More

Top Considerations When Choosing AV Equipment for Your Boardroom, Meeting and Conference Area

Published by Nick Yeandle on 7th March 2018
Category: Corporate AV

Just a few years ago, much AV equipment and video conferencing equipment was often considered a luxury, to be implemented mainly for prestige in corporate boardrooms. At most, the average boardroom in a mid-sized company would be equipped with a simple projector and screen. Nowadays, such equipment has become a necessity for ease of communication across most businesses in a variety of sectors and the benefits are clear to see; fast, efficient collaboration between internal project teams or with... Read More