Hybrid Conferencing Audiovisual Production Services

AV Xpert provides professional hybrid conference services for events that require both in-person and remote delagates to attend. Using multiple camera angles, displays and a variety of microphones, we can ensure the best possible experience for both in-person and remote atendees.

Whether you are planning a small business gathering or an international conference, our technicians are here to assist you with all of your technical and audio-visual needs. Our “Portable Production and Hybrid Conferencing Station” can be wheeled into place and set up in no time ready for your hybrid event, with the ability to quickly connect sources such as cameras, laptop video feeds and microphones. Depending on the scale and complexity of your event, we will provide at least one technician to operate the audio, video and camera inputs and oversee the administration of the conference call (via Teams, Webex or Zoom). For more complex scenarios and larger scale conferences we would usually provide more technicians to separately control audio, video and camera feeds and administer the conference call.

Local Experience

Local, in-person attendees will benefit from a twin display system with one display for the presentation and the other display to show remote attendees. A crystal clear audio system will also be used to amplifiy local presenters and to hear remote speakers or remote Q&A sessions.

Remote Participant Experience

Remote delegates will see and hear everything clearly as though they are in the room, allowing them to truly feel that they are part of the proceedings. This experience is dramatically improved by means of multiple camera angles that our technicians will seamlessly switch between depending on who is talking, thereby bringing Q&A sessions and Boardroom Style sessions to life. Audio quality is also superb for remote attendees, as the built-in digital audio system will automatically balance the volume of audio feeds from the various microphones in the room to ensure everyone is heared clearly and at teh same volume. Unwanted background noise is also removed by means of the built-in noise cancellation system meaning that remote delegates won't have to listen to the hum of the aircon, rustling of papers or any traffic noise from nearby roads.


We will provide gooseneck mics and lapel mics for the main in-person presenters, boundary mics for any "Boardroom Style" meetings (meaning all local attendees can talk without needing to be individually mic'd up), and finally wireless handheld mics for Q&A sessions in "Theatre Style" layout.

Recordings and Playback

Our system has built in recording functionaility for all incoming video feeds and for the main feed that is sent to the conference call, which can be asily activated at the touch of a button. Therefore we can very easily provide recordings of all sessions should they be required, along with the individual camera and presentation feeds.

What Our Customers Say...

Our first hybrid workshop event was a great success, and we received lots of positive comments from participants. Thanks very much to the team at AVxpert for their fantastic support and expertise in ensuring all the hybrid elements ran smoothly. We’re looking forward to working with them again on our upcoming hybrid events.

Thank you so much for sending the links over and for spending the time getting this together. We can not praise you and your team enough, for all that you have done to make yesterday special for us. We have been talking this morning about how wonderful the day was and how it could not have been any better. We thank you for making that happen and look forward to working with you again on some of the other projects that Elisabeth has got ideas on.

Our experienced team of technicians and project managers are able to assist with all of your live event requirements. Please contact us today for more information, or to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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