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Hybrid Events: Ensuring the Best Experience for Remote and Local Conference Participants

Published by Nick Yeandle on 2nd November 2021
Category: AV Tips

What is a Hybrid Conference? To put it simply, a hybrid conference is just a mix between an in-person event and a virtual seminar. Everything that you would usually expect to find at a fully in-person conference will still be exactly the same, but additionally there will be a virtual element to the event, provided through a video conferencing platform such as Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom. The technology must provide a seamless two-way communication channel between the remote and local... Read More

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Video Conferencing System?

Published by Nick Yeandle on 19th January 2021
Category: AV Tips

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world in spring 2020, most businesses were stunned by the unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions on daily life that were suddenly enacted for the first time. In response, video conferencing solutions were quickly put in place by many organisations that had limited or no experience with such technology. This satisfied an immediate need to communicate with customers, employees, suppliers and others for continuation of their business, all of whom... Read More

Virtual Demos - Our Top Tips for Holding Live Demos Using Video Conferencing Equipment

Published by Nick Yeandle on 30th November 2020
Category: AV Tips

Online demos were already increasing in popularity prior to the Covid-19 pandemic especially with regards to digital software products. However, demos of manufactured products lagged behind with face to face sales meetings being the main method for showing off new products. Despite prospects often reporting a dislike about feelings of being ‘sold to’, most buyers favoured in-person meetings to instil trust and relished the opportunity to get hands-on with a product before making a... Read More

A Guide to Live Streaming Church Services

Published by Nick Yeandle on 30th September 2020
Category: AV Tips

There are many reasons why Churches would want to live stream services. With current restrictions in place on the total number of people permitted in the congregation, live streaming can offer a way for your Church to expand its reach and allow more people to participate. But remember, if the audio and video quality isn’t there, it is all too easy to lose your audience. We have therefore put this guide to live streaming together in order to highlight the most important requirements and... Read More